Kimono 1 day rental
All ¥5,000.
Dressing up service and accessories all included.

Welcome to Kyotsubaki
Kyoto, a city that keeps alive the tradition and harmony of the Japanese culture.
Disconnect from the real world and enjoy the elegance of the moment, with our professional and sincere help.

Latest news
2017 May Yukata season already started.

1 Day Yukata plan
¥4,000. Dressing service and accessories all included.

1. Information for the Reservations

LINEAdd us as a friend with this id: @kyotsubaki
From our internal form in the homepage

Warning for the costumer that wish to make a reservation through telephone, there is a possibility that we can not attend the call, in those cases we recommend to make the reservation through LINE.
We accept reservations though LINE at any time of the day.

18:00 is the limit time to come back to Kyotsubaki and return the Kimono.

You can also leave the clothes at your hotel front desk and we will pick them up later for an additional ¥1,000.

Hair setting ¥1,000

All the hair accessories are included in the price.

Our costumers shots.
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2. Kyotsubaki particular concept

Mainly all our Kimonos are 100% silk, seeking only Japanese genuine Kimonos.
Walking around the city, School entrance ceremony, Wedding ceremony... the sky is the limit.
Feel free to ask any question you may have.

3. Access to Kyotsubaki

Kimono Rental: Kyotsubaki
Kyoto-Fu Kyoto-Shi Higashiyama-Ku
Ichi no Hashi Miyanouchi-Cho 7-11 Nanajyo Building 102
open: 09:00-18:00
tel: 050-5241-3371

Kimono Rental: Kyotsubaki
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